November 10, 2022

RI Podcast 24: Michael “Q.T. Marshall” Cuellari – Lessons Learned from Professional Wrestling

Michael Cuellari made his debut as a professional wrestler in 2004. In-ring career includes Ring of Honor, World Wrestling Entertainment and Impact Wrestling. Michael is currently Head Couch at 1 Fall Power Factory and Associate Producer for All Elite Wrestling.

Cuellari is more widely known by the ring name Q.T. Marshall. He was also the subject of a documentary released in 2017. The Wrestler – A Q.T. Marshall Story. It won the Best Documentary at the San Diego Comic-Con Film Festival that same year.

Adam and the Remotely Interested podcast visited Michael at his training facility – 1 Fall Power Factory. They sat down and discussed his life in wrestling: as a fan, performer and teacher. The interview also explores new media and connecting with a fan or supporter base.

One Fall Power Factory- 1FW Training Facility

The Wrestler – A Q.T. Marshall Story

From Wrestler to Coach

Q.T. Marshall vs Bryan Danielson (Danial Bryan WWE)

AEW - The Road to Fight for the Fallen - Episode 01 (3 minutes to 3 minutes 54)

Professional Wrestling and Sociology
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History of Professional Wrestling

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Wigan Snake Pit

Beyond The Mat

Rick Rubin and Smoky Mountain Wrestling

Billy Corgan and the National Wrestling Alliance

Why the News Media is stealing from the Pro Wrestling playbook | Eric Bischoff | TEDxNaperville

All Elite Wrestling

Matt and Nick Massie explaining the formation of All Elite Wrestling

Being The Elite (9 minutes 30 seconds to around 16 minutes 30 seconds – fan interaction segment)


The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast
Two wrestlers that are primarily known for their work with World Wrestling Entertainment turn their love of collectables into a brand and internet-based series

Full Sail University and its ties to professional wrestling / sports entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment as a publicly traded company

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