Complete List of Publications

Georgia Institute of Technology, Lost In The Stacks , Interview with Adam P. Spring, “Talking To Each Other About Technology”:

Spring, A. P. (2016) “HxGN Live 2016: Informative Storytelling and Disneyland too,” Geomatics World (September / October): 18-19.

Spring, A.P. (2016) “Retrospective computing and consumer-led development,” IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, (April / June): 66-71. (also republished in IEEE Computing Edge (July 2016): 52-57)

Spring, A. P. (2016) “Silicon Valley Mourns Amiga and Lynx co-creator Dave Needle,IEEE Spectrum website: March 11th.

Spring, A. P. (2016) “Autodesk University 2015: The Future of Making Things,” Geomatics World (March / April): 32-34.

Spring, A. P. (2015) “Cloud Computing is the Biggest Advancement of 2015,” SPAR 3D website: December  22nd

Autodesk AEC Podcast on reality capture:

HxGN Radio most listened to podcast of 2015:

Spring, A. P. (2015) “HxGN Live: Shaping Smart Change,” Geomatics World (September / October): 16-17.

Spring, A. P. (2015) “ESRI User Conference 2015: applying geography everywhere,” GIS Professional (August): 20-21.

Spring, A. P. (2015) “Amiga Computing at the Computer History Museum,Computer History Museum website: August 26th.

Spring, A. P. (2015) “Amiga 30 and the Unkillable Machine,IEEE Spectrum website: August 12th.

Spring, A. P. (2015) “Laser Scanners and the market in 2015,” Geomatics World (May/June): 19-20.

Spring, A. P. (2015) “Creating Substance from a Cloud: Low-Cost Product Generation,” IEEE Computer (February): 67-74.

Spring, A.P. (2015) “Autodesk University 2014 – collaborative by design,” Geomatics World (March/April): 32-33.

Spring, A.P. (2014) “3D imaging shines new light on the Tristan Stone,” XYHT (November): 38-39.

Spring, A.P. (2014) “HxGN Live 2014: workflow infuses services and solutions,Geomatics World (September/October): 24-26.

Spring, A. P., & Peters, C. (2014) “Developing a low cost 3D imaging solution for inscribed stone surface analysis,” Journal of Archaeological Science, Vol. 52: 97-107.

Spring, A.P. (2014) “Grassroots GIS at the Intermountain Conference,” Geomatics World (May/June): 15-17.

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Spring, A. P. (2013) “International LIDAR Mapping Forum 2013,” Geomatics World (May/June): 20-22.

Spring, A. P. (2013) “Is the Tablet an Enabling Technology,” Geoinformatics 16 (2): 30-32.

Spring, A. P. (2013) “Revisiting the North Carolina Gold Rush,” GeoInformatics 16 (1): 22- 23.

Spring, A. P. (2012) “The Third Industrial Revolution,” GeoInformatics 15 (7): 32-34.

Spring, A. P. (2012) “Hexagon 2012: taking care of business,” Geomatics World (July/August): 26-28.

Spring, A. P. (2012) “Faro European User Meeting,” GeoInformatics 15 (5): 42-43.

Spring, A. P. (2012) “Digital Photogrammetry and ADAM Technologies,” Geoinformatics 15 (4): 18-21.

Spring, A. P. (2012) “Airborne and Terrestrial Solutions in the Mile High City,” Geomatics World (March/April): 20-21.

Spring, A. P. (2011) “Preserving the Past and Shaping the Future,” Geomatics World (November/December 2011): 16-18.

Spring, A. P. and C. Peters  (2011) “The Digitisation of Tristan and Iseult,” Forensic Laser Scanning Engineering Surveying Showcase (September/October): 34-35.

Spring, A. P. (2011) “Hexagon 2011: Where Dreams of Integrated Technologies Came True,” Geomatics World (September/October): 14-17.

Spring, A. P. (2011) “Leica’s HDS User Conference 2010: Confessions of a Laser Scanning Bocce Player,” Geomatics World (January/February): 20-22.

Peters, C. and Spring, A.P. (2010) “The Council for British Archaeology Cornwall Weekend 2010 – The Place where Pasties, Ale and Cultural Heritage met,” at Council for British Archaeology website: August 2014.

Spring, A. P., Peters, C. and Barton, J. (2010) “A Re-evaluation of Cornwall’s Mining World Heritage Site,” GeoInformatics (8): 28-30.

Spring, A. P., Caradoc, P., and Minns, T. (2010) “Using Mid-Range Laser Scanners to Digitize Cultural-Heritage Sites,” IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (May/June): 15-19.

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Spring, A. P. and Peters, C. (2009) “The Current Climate for Data Capture, Processing and Archiving,” Geoinformatics (3): 54-57

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Spring, A. P. (2005) “Glasney Collegiate Church: Influences on a Medieval Landscape” Cornwall, People and Place”, in Garry Tregidga and Bob Keys (eds.), Cornwall: People and Place, Threshold Press, Newbury, UK.