Documenting the Super Bowl

Fox will use Ultra HD “4K”, infra red “IR” and thermal imaging to document Super Bowl XLVIII (48). These solutions have already been used separately for the Baseball Wold Series and NASCAR.

Flir Systems Incorporated supplied the thermal imaging for Super Bowl XLVIII

Flir Systems Incorporated supplied the thermal imaging solutions being used at Super Bowl XLVIII

Fifty two camera will be used in total, with stadium goers also benefiting from increased connectivity through Verizon and AT&T. The MeLife Stadium crowd are now a part of the media pipe line – providing live social media coverage and smart device recordings like photographs or video.

Fox Sports Go will make the Super Bowl available through an iOS app. ┬áThe NFL and Version have also created a mobile device app. Past coverage includes an interactive Gigapan where people in the crowd can still tag themselves in a real life where’s Wally / Waldo scenario.

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