Remotely Interested Podcast (RIP) 001 – Released!

The Remotely Interested Podcast (RIP) has arrived!

From now on, this listener supported show will be released every Tuesday.  Supporting it is easy.  Click on the Amazon links featured in the write up of each podcast, click on the Google Ads floating around the pages of, or contact us directly about being a sponsor of the show ( iTunes will be a subscription destination in the near future.


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What’s The Podcast About?

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    Remotely Interested Podcast

    The Remotely Interested Podcast (RIP) launches Tuesday, November 4th, 2014. Its first guest is an animator from Pixar Studios, who has also worked on films like The Nightmare Before Christmas.



    Released every Tuesday, the podcast will explore technology driven markets and applications. This will be done via people working in all sorts of industries. Its focus includes the human interest side of technology.


    More to come as we get closer to the date….