Project Zebedee – Robotic Vision and Mapping Down Under

In the world of robotic vision motion is the engineer’s friend. The relationship between a robot (usually a laser based vision system) and the environment though which it moves is part of a process known as SLAM – Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping. SLAM uses your location to help map an environment as you pass through it. For the Melbourne based research organisation CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), the natural motion of users equipped with a backpack has made a project named Zebedee, after the jack-in-the-box from the film Doogal (based on The Magic Roundabout children show), a hop away from commercial success. The user is so integral to SLAM that he or she becomes part of the sensory process – also referred to as passive actuation – once the backpack equipment is turned on and the hand held device is lifted up.

The origins of Zebedee revealed!

The origins of Zebedee revealed!

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    Kickstarting CyArk And Heritage Preservation

    CyArk – the California based non profit corporation founded by Cyra Technologies co-founder Ben Kacyra – has started a Kickstarter Campaign. The 501(c)(3) is looking to preserve the 1964 – 1965 World’s Fair New York State Pavilion with laser scanning technologies, which were made commercially viable by Kacyra et al. in the late 1990’s. The project is asking for USD $15,000 and has already reached over $3000. It marks a collaboration with Florida based UCF and is looking to make all 3D data  free for anyone to use. The campaign ends on May 31st, 2014.