Remotely Interested Podcast

The Remotely Interested Podcast (RIP) launches Tuesday, November 4th, 2014. Its first guest is an animator from Pixar Studios, who has also worked on films like The Nightmare Before Christmas.



Released every Tuesday, the podcast will explore technology driven markets and applications. This will be done via people working in all sorts of industries. Its focus includes the human interest side of technology.


More to come as we get closer to the date….



    Micro And Personal Computing

    The 1980s was a fertile decade for micro or personal computing (PC). Preexisting homebrew cultures in the US had created the foundation for an emerging PC market. Even publicly funded entities like the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) were Making the Most of the Micro. 

    BBC Micro

    The BBC Micro was, in fact, hardware and software that had been licensed from Acorn Computers Ltd. It was born out of the Cambridge computing scene in the UK, as well as Chris Curry’s link to Sir Clive Sinclair. Ironically, the face of the ZX Spectrum helped create the main competitor to Sinclair Research Ltd.

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      Diaspora Infused Marketing

      The term diaspora is used to describe population movement or individual identity based on a perceived “homeland.” Marketing campaigns driven by landed identities can be used to reach out to specific audiences. At the same time, they are a way of bringing attention to a product – feeding into extended social networks. St Patrick’s Day advertising by Guinness is the archetypal example of an inclusive diaspora based campaign. 

      The world turns emerald green on March 17th.

      Guinness made the world turn emerald green on March 17th.

      Newcastle Brown used the American War of Independence as inspiration for its #IfWeWon campaign.  It repackaged July 3rd as Independence Eve. The comedian Stephen Merchant even appeared on YouTube in a video pointing out what might have been if America had become Great Britain 2.

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        Augmented reality (AR) is changing the way smart phones and tablets are being used. Ingress – a gaming app that fuses real world maps with a sci fi driven narrative – is a gateway for bringing people together via AR. It raises questions about how users interact with technology and access information.

        Ingress uses real world locations and monuments collected on Android devices.  The Enlightened and the Resistance battle to save humanity either with or against an alien race called the shifters.

        Ingress uses real world locations and monuments collected on Android devices. The Enlightened and the Resistance battle to save humanity by supporting or opposing an alien race called the Shapers.

        Ingress was created by Niantic Labs – a startup company that is part of Google.  The company took its name from a whaling vessel that brought people to San Francisco in the Gold Rush, 1849.

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