Amiga Community at 30

User communities for computing platforms like the Amiga have benefited from an increase in information and communication technologies (ICT), as well the decentralisation of media distribution channels. For example, Amiga 30 celebrations have taken place all over the world. Sites like Facebook, YouTube and Livestream have been rich sources of information. They are hubs of information, where all aspects of a user community (like that built around Amiga computing) can be revisited. Ease at which this can now be done is to do is extremely important – especially when different cultures of use in place are considered worldwide. Fragments can now be pieced together in order to move forward as an improved whole.


Amiga 30, Amsterdam, June 27th 2015


Amiga 30, Computer History Museum, California, July 25th – 26th 2015

Amiga 30 USA was particularly interesting because of the amount of information that was rediscovered. This included early stories of hardware and business development via people like Joe Decuir, Ron Nicholson and Bill Hart. Dale Luck also had a wealth of prototypes in storage.





Amiga 30, United Kingdom, August 2nd 2015



More to come….






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