Affordable 3D

The development of Prime Sense triangulation sensors, along with their distribution via Xbox Kinect, gave consumers an understanding of motion capture and 3D imaging virtually overnight. Since the release of Kinect in 2010, a market has grown around affordable range sensors. For example, MakerBot announced a partnership with SoftKinetic for their next object scanner at the International CES 2014.

Applications like gesture based control for Smart TVs and 3D scanning via mobile devices even drew the attention of companies like Apple and Google. This was firmly cemented when Apple acquired Prime Sense on November 23rd, 2013.

Wearable Solutions

Glasses like MoveEYE or SpaceGlasses from Meta approach the human to 3D condition from a different angle. Instead of tracking movement by treating a person like an object in a scene, each company is using wearable technology that documents an environment by projecting out from the body. The glasses are also equipped with motion sensors in order to use head movement as another form of control.

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