BritWeek is a California non-profit corporation – also known as a 501 (c) 3 in the Golden State – that started in 2007. It was the brainchild of the producer of Pop Idol and American Idol,”Nasty” Nigel Lythgoe, and then UK Consul General for the Los Angeles based region, Bob Peirce. Created to emphasize a strong business relationship between Britain and the US, BritWeek is also held in Florida in Miami.

brit week


BritWeek continues to have close ties to the UK government through the UKTI Business Innovation Awards.


BritWeek Events Calendar 2014

BritWeek Los Angeles: April 21 – May 4

BritWeek Miami: March 6 – March 12

BritWeek Orange County: April 25 – May 30

BritWeek San Francisco: June 13 – June 21

    The Joe 90 Effect

    The Internet of Things “IoT” is the latest in an infinite number of guru-like ideas to get repackaged. Relabeled the Internet of Everything “IoE” for business-to-business “B2B” and business-to-consumer “B2C” purposes in the US, it explains how a price drop in sensor technologies has led to connected devices that talk to one another. The example often used is the fridge that accesses a bank account and orders your groceries when supplies are running low. For IoT and IoE explained in more detail, read The Internet of Something?



    The Joe 90 Effect can be applied to repackaged ideas or products that require a suspension of disbelief in order to believe they are really happening. Just stay calm and think of Gerry Anderson every time you sit through a presentation containing half an idea (a full idea if it is a racier day). Most importantly, always remember the technology driven world portrayed in Joe 90 was meant to contain dramatic devices like the suspension of disbelief . 







      Sticky Information

      Stickers are a simple yet powerful way of promoting a brand, product or event. They can be used to add a real world dimension to digital marketing campaigns, and provide a sense of tangibility otherwise lost in the milieu of search engine optimization “SEO” and social media optimization “SMO”. While both SEO and SMO strategies are adopted by California based Sticker Robot, visitors to their website should expect nothing less than a unique and intuitive sticker based service. Customers are encouraged to follow and refine their creative road maps – even share stories through the Sticker Robot blog.


      A company like Sticker Robot demonstrates that the sticker is an expressive media to work in. Whether it is professional business cards, tutorials for Adobe Illustrator or examples too racy for Facebook, sticker related activities are only limited by the imagination, as well as where you choose to stick your product!


      Andy Kaufman  as Latka Gravas from Taxi is the ideal poster boy to demonstrate the media bending powers of stickers

      A working hyperlink that looks like Andy Kaufman as Latka Gravas from the sitcom Taxi. Before he was the poster boy for sticky media, Kaufman was a self proclaimed performance artist who blurred the lines between reality and fiction.

      Sticker Range

      Mobile Phone Stickers

      Laptop Stickers

      Clear Stickers

      Custom Shape Stickers

      Sticker Business Cards

      Sticker Postcards

      Sticker Hang Tags

      Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets

      Sticker Back Printing

      Custom Sticker Packs

      Bumper Stickers

      Band Stickers

      Tattoo Stickers

        Rustic CAD

        Developments in computer aided design “CAD” and computer aided manufacture “CAM”  are still driven at a technical level by infrastructure and asset management based applications. Projects like The Bay Lights in San Francisco also demonstrate how the emergence of a maker culture – users working with CAD and CAM outside of the traditional factory setup – is transforming once specialist solutions and expanding horizons in terms of application.  It is easy to disregard the impact such developments have on populations outside of built up urban areas until you cross paths with a CAD designed trophy deer in its natural and rural habitat.  

        Back Alley Metals, Montana

        Back Alley Metals, Montana



        The Bay Lights

        As a designer, Gian Pablo Villamil replicated a 4 inch piece of suspension cable from the Bay Bridge using 123D Catch derived meshes and 3D printing. The plastic facsimile produced using a MakerBot 3D Printer informed the design of a clip that made the project possible – preventing wear on the wires that supplied power to 25,000 LED lights.




        A total of 50,000 clips were produced in order to make the project work. Each was used to keep wires in place across 1.8 miles of bridge at every 12 inches of cable. Using real world data provided a simple solution to an otherwise complex problem.

          Time-lapse scene of Calgary from the Sky 360

          View all the sites of Calgary without leaving your seat at the Sky 360 Restaurant and Lounge . On average a full rotation cycle takes between 45 – 60 minutes. Originally called the Husky Tower after the oil company that helped fund its construction, the Calgary Tower stands at 191 meters.